Vermont Lottery

During October 1977 the Vermont Lottery started as a project fund. A statewide referendum was held in 1976 and Public Act No 82 was enacted by the General Assembly. This tri state lottery is managed by the Vermont Lottery Commission based in Berlin. The other two states forming part of the lottery is Maine and New Hampshire.

In order to play the lottery you must be 18 years or older. The collection of games range from scratch cards, tri state lottery games, and Powerball. All draw results are available from various outlets as well on the official Vermont Lottery website.

The most popular lottery games are the Pick 3 and Pick 4 games. The daily draws take place once and twice daily respectively, from Monday to Sunday. As the name suggests, the main principal entails that players must pick three or four numbers, depending on the type of game. There are various playing options as well as payout prizes.

The Weekly Grand is also played with numbers. There are two pools from which players must pick their lucky numbers. Numbers 4 to 35 must be selected from the one section and one to 1 to 35 from the lucky ball section. What makes this game significant is that winning players can choose between a once off payment or weekly payments of a specified amount for up to twenty years. These draws take place twice a week on a Friday and Tuesdays respectively.

With the Megabucks Plus game a matrix of five plus one is applicable. Players select their lucky numbers from two sections as well. Selection one is made from numbers between five to forty one and the megaball from the other section between numbers one to six. The jackpot is set on a minimum of one million dollars and roll over to the next draw until the jackpot is won. Tickets for each play cost $2 each.